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Welcome to the Burn Institute's Fire Safe Kid website – a fun, interactive place for kids to learn all about fire and burn prevention! Join the Fire Safe Kids, (Bella, Junior, Gregory and Curious the dog), as they learn all about fire safety, through a variety of colorful games and activities, including Click and Color, Fire Safety Quiz, Dress the Firefighter and Hot or Not.

And there's plenty for grownups too! Click around the Families section and find a variety of topics related to fire and burn prevention with hundreds of lifesaving tips to keep your family safe throughout the year. Learn how to recognize fire hazards in the home, what to do if fire occurs and how to protect your family and loved ones. Our downloadable Family Escape Plan will allow you and your family to design a personalized escape plan for your home, discuss escape routes and establish a meeting place BEFORE disaster strikes. Be safe, be prepared!

This site was designed to supplement the Burn Institute's school-based Fire Safe Kids Program (K-3) curriculum. To request a free Fire Safe Kids presentation for your child's school, contact [email protected]

Fire Safe Kid Poster Contest

The Burn Institute offers a wide variety of fire and burn prevention programs for school-aged children. From Kindergarten through high school, we have the age-appropriate curriculum, tools and materials to keep students safe and educate them about fire and burn prevention. For more information or to schedule a presentation email [email protected].

Download Flyer: English | Español

For more about fire and burn prevention, visit the Burn Institute at www.burninstitute.org.