Family Fire Safety

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Fire Safety Within the Family
Family is an important source of love and happiness, and should be considered a safe haven for adults and young people alike. This is why fire safety within the family is so important. There are many crucial factors concerning fire and burn prevention to be taken into consideration:

  • Around the house
  • During the holidays
  • While traveling
  • While spending time outdoors with your family
Home Fire Safety
Many people spend a great deal of time at home engaging in activities with family, friends, and pets. It is therefore important to be aware of potential fire hazards within the home, and how to respond appropriately to dangerous situations.
Holiday Fire Safety
The holidays bring joy and entertainment to our lives, but often include activities that can lead to fires and burns. The following section outlines ways to enjoy the holidays without endangering yourself or others.

Travel Fire Safety
Fire and burn safety while traveling should be taken into consideration alongside other safety concerns. This section offers simple guidelines about fire preparedness and burn prevention while staying in travelers’ accommodations and on the road.
Outdoor Fire Safety
Outdoor activities can be a fun time, but often have risk for fires or burns. This section of our website includes valuable information about fire safety and preparedness while spending time outdoors.

Create your family escape plan!

There is no time for mistakes when a fire strikes. Create an escape plan for your family and
know what should be avoided